"Hi Marcus,
It's Rachel, the one who came to you with a needle phobia. I just wanted to say a massive thank you in helping to get over this fear. I had a blood test on Tuesday and was a million times better than I ever have been before. I was really impressed and managed to have the needle in my arm for over an hour. Thanks again for your help."

Rachel Bromley, Kent

"My IBS has improved dramatically – I can even vary my diet without big problems, just what I needed. Thank you."
Cristiane Morandin, Surrey

“Marcus. Thank you so much for your help! In only three sessions you have helped me so much, addressed and resolved my problem and improved things in other areas too! And it was all so easy, pleasant and relaxing. I am looking forward to finishing your book and will happily recommend you to my friends!”
Graham Tidmarsh, West Wickham

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Is Hypnosis Safe?
Yes. It is a safe, natural part of human experience. Always protected by our subconscious, trance is part of everyday life. We are already proficient in its use; we simply don’t recognise it. Hypnosis is a very practical skill and cannot be well taught through correspondence courses, of which there are several. To ensure the practitioner of your choice has sufficient training, interview him over the phone or face to face. Using the information from this website to formulate questions, satisfy yourself that they have adequate skill and knowledge.

Is hypnosis a "one shot" treatment?

By no means. On occasions many do get great benefit from a single session. Smokers rarely need to go more than once and N.L.P. can clear phobias in one. Trust your judgement - you can go back whenever you please.

Who can be hypnotised?
Just about everyone if they choose and can concentrate for the few moments it requires.

What is it like to be hypnotised?
In experiencing altered states it should be acknowledged that trance is slightly different for everyone. Most find it extremely pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing, saying they've never felt so agreeably relaxed and comfortable before.

What can hypnosis be used for?
Having many uses, it is scarcely possible to list them all. It is successful with weight control, stopping smoking, pain control, stress management, sexual, social and psychological problems. It also improves sports, learning and business skills.

Should I use hypnosis as an alternative to seeing my doctor?

No. It is not an alternative to seeking proper medical care. Hypnosis is a COMPLEMENTARY therapy and should be used in partnership with conventional medicine. Your M.D's training in diagnosis cannot be replaced by the hypnotist; check out health problems first with your doctor; most do, then you can combine physicians and hypnotherapist's healing methods.

Can I be forced into a trance?
No. It is a state of mind that needs your co-operation. No-one goes against their own unique code of behaviour in hypnosis. Many children are exceptionally good at entering trance, but only if they choose. When teenagers are brought for therapy by parents - the practitioner stands little chance unless he makes a "contract" with them, "I will only work with you if you want to, it must be your own individual choice".

Am I too strong-willed to be hypnotised?
Strength of will pays no part in the process.

I'm too intelligent to be hypnotised!
Wrong - the higher the intelligence and imagination the better.

Do hypnotised persons lose control of themselves?
Quite the opposite, the client is in control of their trance and will do only which seems right and helpful.

Could I get "stuck" in trance?
No. It simply doesn't happen. Many enjoy being in hypnosis so much, they sometimes are reluctant to return to a normal state of awareness, but they will come out of trance as soon as they are ready. Even if they're determined to stay indefinitely, the hypnotic state turns into ordinary sleep, and they shortly awaken feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Will I be unconscious when in hypnosis?
No. No loss of consciousness is involved. In some 90% of hypnotic trances one will be perfectly aware of things around, including sounds, movements and smells and will be hypersensitive to touch.

Will I be in the hypnotist's power?
Certainly not. Hypnotists cannot force anybody to do anything against their will. You can choose not to comply with any disagreeable suggestion. Many are very much more determined and assertive than in their normal state of being.

How are hypnotists trained?
The training hypnotists receive is varied, depending on which school they attend. Some are only trained in direct suggestion; others have a broader selection of therapeutic techniques.

Taken from the Consumer Guide to Hypnosis.