"Hi Marcus,
It's Rachel, the one who came to you with a needle phobia. I just wanted to say a massive thank you in helping to get over this fear. I had a blood test on Tuesday and was a million times better than I ever have been before. I was really impressed and managed to have the needle in my arm for over an hour. Thanks again for your help."

Rachel Bromley, Kent

"My IBS has improved dramatically – I can even vary my diet without big problems, just what I needed. Thank you."
Cristiane Morandin, Surrey

“Marcus. Thank you so much for your help! In only three sessions you have helped me so much, addressed and resolved my problem and improved things in other areas too! And it was all so easy, pleasant and relaxing. I am looking forward to finishing your book and will happily recommend you to my friends!”
Graham Tidmarsh, West Wickham

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome


IBS is a very common disorder, and as many as one in five of the population in the UK suffer at any one time...


IBS has been found to be common in people who have gone through, or who are going through major life changes e.g. ... house or job changes, relationship, bereavement, etc..


Hypnotherapy is fast becoming the first choice of complementary treatment for IBS because of its excellent results. One clinical trail found that six to eight weekly hypnotherapy sessions greatly reduces or completely eliminates the problem. My own clinical work has backed these findings up.

"I came to Marcus looking for help with my stress and IBS. I must say, I was really surprised with the fast results especially concerning my stress levels. With only one session and a few days practice, I was already becoming more relaxed and things weren't getting to me as easily. My IBS has improved dramatically and now I can even vary my diet without big problems, just what I needed. Thank you."

”Cristiane Morandin, Surrey”