"Hi Marcus,
It's Rachel, the one who came to you with a needle phobia. I just wanted to say a massive thank you in helping to get over this fear. I had a blood test on Tuesday and was a million times better than I ever have been before. I was really impressed and managed to have the needle in my arm for over an hour. Thanks again for your help."

Rachel Bromley, Kent

"My IBS has improved dramatically – I can even vary my diet without big problems, just what I needed. Thank you."
Cristiane Morandin, Surrey

“Marcus. Thank you so much for your help! In only three sessions you have helped me so much, addressed and resolved my problem and improved things in other areas too! And it was all so easy, pleasant and relaxing. I am looking forward to finishing your book and will happily recommend you to my friends!”
Graham Tidmarsh, West Wickham

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Phobias and Fears


Phobias are learned behaviors. The good news is the brain learns fast. And as fast as the brain learns to create a negative response to some situation or event, it can quickly learn to respond in a new positive and healthier way. Some of the most common phobias and fears are:


  • Fear of flying
  • Public speaking
  • Spiders
  • Needles
  • Heights
  • Driving


The good news is, most phobias’ can be treated quickly and easily. Some may take a little longer: Agoraphobia and social phobia, for instance, require more time. But all phobia’s can be successfully cured.


Some common questions about fears and Phobia’s…


Q. How many sessions will I need?


A. This depends on the type of phobia you have. Specific phobias like spiders and snakes are usually dealt with in one or two sessions. Complex phobia’s like Agoraphobia and social phobia take a little longer.


Q. Will I have to touch, or get near a spider, snake, or confront my phobia in some other way while in therapy.


A. This depends: On several occasions I have taken my clients to the local shopping centre to test out the cure of a lift phobia. I simply went into the lift with my client and went to the top floor, and back down again. Clients find this very helpful and empowering. They are also very surprised they can do it with relative ease.


When working with spider and snake phobia’s it’s not always possible to test it out in the therapy environment. But clients are always encouraged to put the therapy to the test as soon as possible after they leave the clinic.


Hypnotherapy and N.L.P can quickly and easily deal with most specific phobias in just one or two sessions.


What the clients are saying:

Hi Marcus, Feeling more relaxed about the spiders. Was able to touch a small house spider when I got back. Also I’m not so conscious of checking around the house. Have bought a tarantula paperweight so looking forward to receiving that. Many thanks.

Robert Sands.

Hi Marcus

I am writing to thank you so much for your help with my fear of flying.

A brief bit of case history: I am 29 and had flown every year since birth including quite a few long haul flights without any problems at all. It was only when I took my own children on an aeroplane that I became aware that I was not comfortable with the experience. This became progressively worse as each summer holiday loomed and something as wonderful as a holiday suddenly became a thing to dread. I used to take valium and have a glass of wine ( or two ) before getting on the aeroplane. My husband and 2 children would sit on a different part of the plane to me as we didn’t want my very obvious fear to affect the children. I would then sit on my own with a blanket over my head (the only way that I could block out the fact that I was on a plane!!!) Not only did the anxiety affect me dramatically during the build up to the holiday but of course it started to ruin the whole time we were away as I was worrying about flying home. The whole holiday experience became a very bad one. I had even began to show signs of panic when dropping friends and relatives of at the airport.

I decided to come to see you as I figured that this was my last chance to change things. I felt that I had nothing to lose (apart from the session cost). I had never been hypnotised before or tried any type of alternative therapy. After the first session I felt very relaxed and I came to see you in the week before we went away for some reinforcement work.I felt absolutely no anxiety in the weeks before our holiday – it was amazing!! On the morning of the flight I felt fine and even a little bit excited. The flight was four hours and I sat with my family, I eat my meal, I even went to the toilet!!! I would even go so far as to say I enjoyed it. I am very grateful to you for all you help and understanding. I had an amazing holiday and felt very, very relaxed.

My husband and children were very proud of me and we are going to book another holiday Thanks again Marcus.

Stephanie White