"Hi Marcus,
It's Rachel, the one who came to you with a needle phobia. I just wanted to say a massive thank you in helping to get over this fear. I had a blood test on Tuesday and was a million times better than I ever have been before. I was really impressed and managed to have the needle in my arm for over an hour. Thanks again for your help."

Rachel Bromley, Kent

"My IBS has improved dramatically – I can even vary my diet without big problems, just what I needed. Thank you."
Cristiane Morandin, Surrey

“Marcus. Thank you so much for your help! In only three sessions you have helped me so much, addressed and resolved my problem and improved things in other areas too! And it was all so easy, pleasant and relaxing. I am looking forward to finishing your book and will happily recommend you to my friends!”
Graham Tidmarsh, West Wickham

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A lack of self-confidence is normally caused by negative self-talk which forms a negative self-image. The problem comes about when we focus on what we don’t want. It goes like this: you tell yourself that you don’t want to be nervous when you speak in front of a group of people, or you try not to get nervous during an important interview. The result: you get nervous because you are focusing on what you don’t want. After doing this a few times you begin to form a negative belief about yourself. Hypnosis can help you change this belief.

Most people only need 2 to 4 sessions, although some people may require more. The main goal of hypnotherapy is to bring the mind back into focus again, and to re-programme feelings of confidence through suggestion and imagery work.

"I consulted Marcus for issues concerning a lack of confidence and a poor self-image. Having a strong background in both psychology and psychotherapy I was not interested in long periods of introspection, but rather wanted some specific and concrete tools that I could make use of myself whenever I might need to. Marcus provided me with several techniques and briefed me on their use over four sessions, thereby empowering me to help myself as and when I need to."