"Hi Marcus,
It's Rachel, the one who came to you with a needle phobia. I just wanted to say a massive thank you in helping to get over this fear. I had a blood test on Tuesday and was a million times better than I ever have been before. I was really impressed and managed to have the needle in my arm for over an hour. Thanks again for your help."

Rachel Bromley, Kent

"My IBS has improved dramatically – I can even vary my diet without big problems, just what I needed. Thank you."
Cristiane Morandin, Surrey

“Marcus. Thank you so much for your help! In only three sessions you have helped me so much, addressed and resolved my problem and improved things in other areas too! And it was all so easy, pleasant and relaxing. I am looking forward to finishing your book and will happily recommend you to my friends!”
Graham Tidmarsh, West Wickham

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Weight Loss The Forgotten Secret
42 Powerful Ways to Get Slim and Stay Slim With The New Self-Hypnosis

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"How to Change Your Life with the Amazing Secrets of Hypnosis"

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NEW! Hypno-coaching: for effective—and lasting—weight loss


Imagine having your own personal weight loss coach. Somebody who motives you, advises you and keeps you 100% focused on your goal...


...well, you can...


...let me explain...


Although it’s true most people only need one session of hypnotherapy to stimulate weight loss, some people still need some extra help.


Whilst fitness trainers can assist, what’s really needed is somebody who can keep you focused on your desired goal. This requires a more psychological approach, because successful weight control is all about a positive and healthy mindset.


This is where hypo-coaching can help you: using a combination of cognitive hypnosis and coaching techniques your mind stays focused on the results you want.

This exciting new programme gives you all you need in order to succeed at creating your perfect weight and, most importantly, keeping it off!


Here’s what you get...

  • 6 sessions of hypno-coaching. These powerful 1-hour sessions are the key to your success...
  • 2 professional mind-programming CDs – guaranteed to make you feel calm, relaxed and highly focused on your weight loss goal...
  • A simple and effective way of eating that ensures you get results...
  • Daily support (if required) by e-mail. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


A copy of my published book “Weight Lossthe Forgotten Secret. 42 ways to get slim and stay slim with the NEW self-hypnosis”...


Here’s what one respected expert said...

“Marcus D’Silva’s new book will help you lose weight. This is not a diet it is an easy to read book that shows you how to harness the power of your mind and turn it into a fat burner. It won't be long before you are looking and feeling better. D`Silva has hit the nail on the head.”

Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.
Author of “The New Hypnotherapy Handbook” and “The Psychology of Persuasion”.



Here’s what clients are saying about their experience with Marcus...

“In November 2008 I went to see Marcus D’Silva at his clinic in Bromley.
It’s now January 2009 and I have lost 23 lbs in weight. I am amazed!
It’s been surprisingly easy, and I never feel hungry. My whole mindset towards food has changed. Going to see Marcus D’Silva has changed my life!”
Roy Hannant, Sanderstead, Surrey  


“I first went to Marcus in February 2009 seeking help with my weight problem. I was 14st 2. I am now 11st 8. He guided me on the right road with talks and CDs on how to manage my weight. I found it very easy once I got started; on top of that he also helped me with personal problems. From my experience with Marcus I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking help with a wide range of problems.”
Philomena, South East London


“Thank you! For the last 40 years I have tried every diet going, but nothing worked for very long. Now I have finally got my weight stabilised. My size has gone from a tight size 18 to an easy 16. Even my family have noticed the difference. This is a new way of life.”
Shirley, aged 73, Kent


“Since the session 5 weeks ago, I haven’t touched any chocolate or wanted to. This imagery is very potent indeed. I’m thinking of getting Marcus to work on cakes next.”
Rachel Dray, Kent


Hypno-coaching ensures your success. The first two sessions are focused on getting you to think like a slim and healthy person, including dynamic hypnotic suggestions for positive behaviour change. Any inner conflicts towards food are addressed. Then follow-up sessions are used for reinforcement, motivation and support.


Remember, you also get 3 powerful tools to help you, including 2 mind-programming CDs that put your mind into an ultra-calm state, along with powerful, hypnotic, fat-burning suggestions.


And, of course, you have the very handy 84-page self-hypnosis book: “Weight Loss—the Forgotten Secret”. It’s packed full of highly useful psychological techniques guaranteed to help you succeed!


For more information and to book your appointment please call 0207 352 3087 NOW!